E-Book: ACL Recovery Unlocked with Eccentric Strengthening and Motor Control


  • Research: New ACL techniques, better muscle activation
  • Case Studies: Athletic outcomes from Ron Courson & peers
  • Pro Tips: Getting what your athletes need

New EMG Research, ACL Case Studies, & Pro Tips from Leading Athletic Trainers

Ron Courson

Director of Sports Medicine, University of Georgia

5 stars

"We have used it with a variety of different athletes, and we have had outstanding results.  It individualizes to the athlete. We can teach force control, we can control range of motion, and it’s also very objective, so I can give instant feedback."

Reggie Scott

Head Athletic Trainer, Los Angeles Rams

5 stars

"We use it in multiple ways: general rehab and strengthening for our knee injuries but we also have found good use for glute activation prior to conditioning drills. Our athletes notice how the system fires the glutes in a way they have not experienced prior."


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